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Berlin’s New: The News I Expected Arrived!

 A woman is smiling while standing next to a table set with food and a bottle of Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme

Turkey's first craft rakı Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme entered Berlin! This rakı has been a companion since my first days in the city and I believe it's a perfect match for Berlin.

Finally! The restaurants are opening, the weather is suited for outdoor activities, we can finally give a sigh of relief. Nowadays, I see people on the streets, smiling for no reason :) Thinking about the last few months that even getting a haircut has been luxurious, even Berlin's crooked weather – unlike Istanbul it rains and sometimes we even see hail -  can't spoil the summer. Now it's June, welcome dear summer, welcome the gratuitous joy of life…

My friend Dila from Yeni Rakı Deutschland team gave me the much-expected news last month. Yeni Rakı's newest Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme is going to enter the Berlin market this month.

I shared earlier the story of how I came to this slow-burn city to bring the Turkish gastronomy richness. And now, I'd like to tell you about mild tasted Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme that combines rakı's magic with Western palate.

Let's start with the name. What does 'Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme' means? To understand that, first we need to expand the concept of 'craft'. So, imagine the copper stills. Then the distilling; drip-by-drip %100 fresh grapes and exclusive aniseeds are slowly, unhurriedly distilling. Distillation of Turkey's first craft rakı takes 12 days. I love the Yeni Rakı team's definition of Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme; They say it is the, 'Purest form of Yeni Rakı'. It is produced at a newly formed facility in Alaşehir and exemplifies the first step of Yeni Rakı's craft journey. (Don't sleep on this last sentence that shouts as 'coming soon' :))

When I look at the incoming news from Yeni Rakı, I can't help to look at the statement of Innovation Manager Duygu Beypınar. She describes Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme like this; “light, yellow fruit character… spicy notes like nutmeg, vanilla and licorice… black pepper, pine and other freshening aromas…"

Even I am writing these sentences, the possibilities of this tastes make me drool; I dream of myself meeting with this taste at one of the infinite green places of the city, on an afternoon that shines mellow yellow lights on Berlin. Like every Turk who loves to eat, I can't help but thinking which food can match the Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme.

I see that Yeni Rakı team didn't forget to add the response to the e-mail. “Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme matches really well with, Ezine cheese (I have to admit that I still carry them from Istanbul), Bergama Tulum cheese, delicate seafood like Lakerda, shrimp cold cuts, stuffed mussels, bass, bream and grilled meat that are not too spicy. For people who always drink rakı with cantaloup they add; a native and scented cantaloup, also orange, peach and nectarine are some great companies if they can be found during their seasons.

But what about people who want to drink Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme abroad, what are some options from the world cuisine? They say it's good to keep in mind; anchovy-pepper pickle, sourdough bread that can be easily found in pastry rich Berlin, Italian tomatoes that I discovered and loved in Berlin, also Mediterranean tastes like bruschetta and carpaccio.

If you ask about the textbook rakı-fish duo Yeni Rakı team has an answer for that too. (Since it's impossible to find Marmara's one and only bluefish in Berlin)

Let's try like this:

Raw fishes like sushi, sashimi, ceviche, also steak tartare are international tastes that can match well with this mild Rakı that has slightly less aniseed notes. (I can't wait to hit glasses that are full of this first craft rakı with my international friends!

Even though we created a whole culture from rakı (poetry and songs describe its brut/white/aniseed smelled taste), for beginners it's clear that rakı is an acquired taste, a drink that nourishes over time rather than a passive taste.

I think Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme is a perfect match for Berlin. It's part of the craft culture, it's softer, can be consumed brut and as an 'aperitivo' just one shot of it can enliven you late in the day. I have full confidence we can 'cajole' Berlin's inhabitants of various countries, not only placing Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme at long-lasting rakı tables but also to quick afternoon gatherings as something can be enjoyed just by itself.​