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From the first drop 500 years ago rakı has been part of a proud history that is born out of a true and honest way of life. The alcoholic beverage called rakı has an origin that extends back to around 2000 B.C., to Anatolia’s wine culture. The people of Anatolia developed and perfected a new craft over the centuries; distilling alcohol they obtained by fermenting grapes. As we explore rakı’s past, we arrive at the story of how their knowledge gave rise to the powerful, aniseed-scented drink we know today.* Unlike any other drink in the world, rakı is a drink with an entire cuisine devoted to it. Rakı serving is never a solo act. The focus of the rakı table is not the food but the atmosphere of lovely conversations with friends, family, and loved ones. For further, ''The Spirit of Turkey'' and the ''Rakı&Fish: A Mediterranean Seafood Odyssey'' are the perfect sources for detailed information about the rakı culture.

*The Spirit of Turkey

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In deep economic depression due to World War II, The Republic of Turkey, in order to increase income flowing into its treasury, appropriated the manufacture of rakı from the private sector entirely, turning it over to the government monopoly, ‘’Tekel’’. The same year, Yeni Rakı (‘’New Rakı’’) was introduced. Its name is a reflection of this ‘’new’’ period. Then, it has been banned for private producers to produce rakı. Privatization laws bring Tekel’s 60-year monopoly on alcohol production to an end, and the market was reopened to manufacturers. Tekel’s alcoholic beverages division was bought by the Mey Company, established by private entrepreneurs. Due to Mey’s encouraging potential and continuous growth, Diageo which is the leading alcohol and spirits company, acquired Mey Diageo 2011.