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Berlin’s New: The First-Hand Formula for Getting Your Hands on “Yeni”

Berlin’s New: The First-Hand Formula for Getting Your Hands on “Yeni” image

Yeni Rakı Deutschland's spring social media campaign hits the target with its role model choice and colorful slogan: “Kein Rakı Ohne Wasser… No Rakı No Water!"

I have been a Berlin resident since March 2020, the unfortunate times all the world went into lockdown simultaneously with the epidemic. Like everyone else, I get my cut from the rightful mass anxiety towards my sector. Also, I became anxious about me and my loved ones' health too. I just continue experiencing what we are all going through. To be honest, this restrictive period paves the way for me to start the new life that I was making after my 40 and I serenely adapted to the city. Though I frequently visit Istanbul, when someone asks me the question “Where do you live," I can answer “Berlin," without any hesitation.

My life can be described as a fusion that exist between Berlin and Istanbul. It's true that I'm constantly making adjustments to make the most out of this fusion. I'm all ears for internalizing Berlin's undeniably charming global aspects towards 'a western civilization'; I use the Ferhan Feinkost's (the brand we founded in Berlin) Instagram account as if it's a Berlin guide. And when it comes to Istanbul it's clear that my network and experiences accelerate and make things easier for my other professional initiatives.

My friends from Yeni Rakı Deutschland team who witnessed 'Me in Berlin' since its first day continue to explore the new methods of not just selling the product but also sharing the rakı's 500-year-old culture with Berliners despite the pandemic. Fusion is a keyword to an ideal formula for them as well and when Germany came into the picture the components became even more advance. Which ones? First meze, then music, of course conversation and the culture that comes from the brand's DNA, all evolved together into one. Of course, there are some differences between how Turkish people and 'multi-culti' Berliners apply this formula into their lives. But their junction is focused on only one question: how can we make the ideal blend of rakı that is more than a drink and means so much to us…

Yeni Rakı Deutschland team describes the ideal recipe starting from scratch; and they lead up to the fusion (the blend) and its power and beauty. New social media campaigns are vivid and medley for echoing the richness of Berlin people; they all tackle this around the 'one can't exist without the other,' theme and say the real beauty comes from blending the two different components together. Just like



In my case Berlin&İstanbul

And the duo we adore rakı&water…