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Fashion Representing Togetherness - Yeni Rakı for Everyone

Fashion Representing Togetherness - Yeni Rakı for Everyone

​Fashion stylist Jennifer Mertens​ is known for her bold and eccentric style. She is known as the passionate stylist with the big heart always caring about her clients and projects trying to push the outcome to a maximum. She has worked with several known music artists and actors, and is proud to call many her friends. Jennifer and her team have been part of the biggest prime time tv shows in Germany mainly focused on dancers and celebrities. She has been seen on tv as a styling consultant, has been a judge for the graduate fashion institute in the UK and won an award for her styling work.

Many clients cherish her art direction and her custom designs. Her team includes experts specialized in tailoring and design.

Jennifer is currently based in Berlin, Germany and calls NYC her second home.

Jennifer stands for what YENİ RAKI wants to bring across ‚Togetherness' and will redesign a jeans jacket. The jacket shows the joy, happiness, the diversity and inclusivity as much as the authenticity of the brand. It is a unisex jacket which can be worn by many. It is created to show sisterhood, brotherhood, togetherness – created from us for us. Let's bring together what belongs together.

Our jeans jacket: ‚no classic without a remake – no me without an us.'

Fashion representing togetherness - YENİ RAKI for everyone.