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Turkey's First Craft Rakı: Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme

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As Yeni Rakı, we have been constantly renewed over the years, adapting to the times and always set the rakı agenda. We have always managed to stay new with Yeni Rakı bottle, which we have renewed with original innovations and designs from past to present.

The New Member of Yeni Rakı Family

The concept of “craft", which is used to describe the products prepared by going through production processes that require knowledge, mastery and patience, came to life for the first time in the rakı category with Yeni Rakı.

In our new craft facility we established in Alaşehir, we carry out a more limited and craft production with two stills, one-tenth the size of conventional stills.

For the first project of our Craft facility, Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme, we extended the standard 48-hour distillation period to 72 hours and carried out five distillations, once suma and four times copper alembic.

With a production time exceeding 12 days, Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme, which we have masterfully distilled from simplicity, purity and patience, became both a new member of the family and the beginning of our craft rakı journey.

Meet Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme

At the core of Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme is care, simplicity, mastery and the harmony that comes from the combination of all of them.

We have distilled 100% fresh grapes and carefully selected anise seeds with the unique character of copper alembics by brewing them drop by drop, resting and resting, and making them more pure than ever before.

“A rakı that comes from grape alcohol, has slightly yellow fruit characters, as well as sweet spice notes such as amulet nut, vanilla, licorice, and essences of aromas that give a feeling of freshness such as black pepper and pine." Duygu Beypınar - Senior Quality Technical and Innovation Manager

Turkey's First Craft Rakı: Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme image

Food Pairings with Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme

With its soft drink and unique taste, Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme is compatible with the tastes of both local and different world cuisines. Matching balanced flavors that are not too bitter, not too sweet, not too salty enriches the Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme experience.

Cheeses such as Ezine Cheese, Bergama Tulum; light seafood such as lakerda, cold shrimp, stuffed mussels, sea bass, sea bream, and not too bitter meatball delicacies are a good accompaniment. Along with our local, fragrant melons, orange, peach and nectarine will be among the most delicious accompaniments of Yeni Rakı Uzun Demleme, depending on the season.

In addition, good olive oil, sourdough bread and seasonal tomato trio, anchovies-pepper pickles or olive varieties can be consumed together with Mediterranean flavors such as bruschetta, carpaccio, as well as different world cuisines such as steak tartare with raw fish variations such as sushi, sashimi, ceviche experientially. also with its flavors.

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And if it's time to meet Turkey's first craft rakı, you can order from here.​