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Rakı Days in Vienna

someone is pouring a drink into a glass at a restaurant

​​​​​​​​​We love good food. For us, there's hardly anything better than trying out new restaurants, explore unknown worlds of taste and discover new exciting dishes. Do you feel the same? Then visit Rakı Days in Vienna. From 26 April to 10 May you can visit us in our favourite restaurants and you'll get a Yeni Rakı and delicious meze appetisers as a gift with the menu.

We're proud to introduce the following restaurants that take part in Rakı Days:

1. District

  • Levante Wallner str.

  • Levante Wollzeile

  • Kems'S Bar & Kitchenette

  • Lale Restaurant

  • Soprano Restaurant

  • Ali's Grill

  • Hotel König Von Ungarn Bar

  • Cafe Hegelhof

4. District

  • Umar Fisch am Nashmarkt


  • Melih's Music Bar

7. District

  • Westpol

  • Meyhane

  • Cafe Bar Blue Box

  • Levante

  • Cafe Berfin

  • Türkis Palast

  • Kent Restaurant

  • Ala Restaurant

22. District

  • Pera Wien


  • Gökhan Umar's Fisch

Take some time to enjoy. Rakı Days offer the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about everyday-stress, true to our motto “unrush your world". Spend a long, relaxing evening with good food, good friends and good conversations and experience slow dining that makes our Rakı​ culture special.

We're looking forward to welcoming you soon. Keep following us, to find out where we will be next. We're already planning new tasting menus in other cities and countries for you.