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Meyhane Elsewhere, The Online Meyhane Experience by Istanbul Elsewhere

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​​​​​​When the circumstances are not ideal, we might have to think outside of the box to overcome the obstacles. This is exactly what Istanbul Elsewhere did, when the monthly pop-up events were no longer possible.  Istanbul Elsewhere has been a project to cherish the beautiful city Istanbul, no matter where its lovers currently reside. With their own words “Istanbul Elsewhere is a cultural project exploring acts of 'Istanbuliteness'. Istanbuliteness is a way of communicating with the other; sometimes with the individual, sometimes with the space, sometimes with the occasion."  The project has been holding Pop Up Meyhane Events with Tan Morgül in London, to re-live the memories from Istanbul, eat delicious mezzes and enjoy sips of Yeni Rakı along the way. Now they proudly present Meyhane Elsewhere; the digital meyhane for those who can't get together around a rakı table, physically. 

Everyone can book a table and enjoy the meyhane experience from the comfort of their homes. And they don't have to live in London, or travel all the way to join this meyhane.

Meyhane Experience of the New Age​​​

We are already familiar with video chats. Meyhane Elsewhere uses the same technology. The project works with 6 separate tables (6 chat rooms) that can each have up to 5 people. So you can maintain privacy while chatting with your friends, but you can also visit other tables and join in their conversations. When the Barba  ( the host) wants to make an announcement, all the tables can hear. Some events are co-hosted by two individuals. Tan Morgül, a food passionate and an author from London, has been organizing the Pop Up Meyhane Events, also hosts Meyhane Elsewhere. He talks about the concept of Istanbuliteness, introduces poems and anecdotes that reminisce Istanbul.  

So, you can commemorate Istanbul with people from all over the world and feel as if you're sitting at a real Çilingir Sofrası.​​

Meyhane Elsewhere - June (Book Your Table) from b a k on Vimeo.

​​​Easy Mezze Recipes For Your Rakı Table​​

As you will join Meyhane Elsewhere from home​​ you will be the chef of your own meyhane and prepare your favorite mezzes.  If coming up with practical mezzes is not your strongest suit, here are 5 easy and no-bake to fill up your mezze tray. Fill up your rakı glass with your choice of Yeni Rakı, whether it be Yeni Rakı Yeni Seri, Yeni Rakı Masters' Blend or your other favorites. Once you decide, click ​​​here to buy your Yeni Rakı and maybe mezze ingredients online.

Book Your Digital Table at Meyhane Elsewhere​

To cherish your Istanbul memories with your friends, raise your rakı glass and say cheers through your screen, book your table online through here. We suggest that you shouldn't leave booking to the last minute, as the places fill up quickly. (Although there is an option for last-minute booking the spontaneous crews who can get ready in no time.) Make sure the day & time fits for everyone, as your friends may be living in a different time zone. Now all that is left to do is counting down the days for your online meyhane experience.