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Levantine Food Bazaar by Yeni Rakı

a close up of a menu with a variety of food items

Anybody who misses the best trio; Yeni Rakı, food, and music altogether? Looking for an event to share with your family and friends to try something new or simply be surprised? Save the date for the first street food festival, Levantine Food Bazaar is going to take place this year on 15 Sept!

At the Levantine Food Bazaar, yo​​​​​​​u will have the opportunity to try this diverse Levantine cuisine which is healthy, casual and aromatic at the same time in a very short time period by national and also international chefs. We say healthy because vegetables are the main ingredients in Levantine cuisine. There are also meat included meals. In addition to classic meze specialities, you will savour the never heard Levantine tastes which will go perfectly with Yeni Rakı. The visitors will enjoy the good food along with the live music which cheers you up all day long.

On the 15th of September, do not miss out the chance to attend the Levantine Food Bazaar between 10.00 am - 7.00 pm at Hamburg Haumptzollampt.

We guarantee you that you will be very happy about what you taste. Here are the participant restaurants which will serve their special raki menus for you:

  • Tarsusi – Anatolian Street Food

  • Lokmam

  • Beyoglu Kebap House

  • Altuna Fisch & Cigköfte

  • Liman Seafood Bar

Come and join us to spend a long, relaxing day with your friends and follow our surprises through Levantine Food Bazaar day. Get your tickets​ now.​

Let's share, savour, and enjoy together with Yeni Rakı!​