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Zanderfilet Gebacken Recipe

there is a plate of food with fish and a side of potato salad

Rakı table hosts dishes and mezzes from all cuisines. That being said, Zanderfilet Gebacken is a delicious Austrian dish. You will see how easy it is to make this fish filets and the golden brown color will invite you to taste right after the filets come out of the pan. Here is our recipe for a tasty Zanderfilet Gebacken.​


  • Eggs

  • Flour

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Zander fish



Season the fish with salt and pe​pper. Place flour on a plate. Beat eggs in a shallow baking dish. Place breadcrumbs in another baking dish. Take the fish, dredge in flour, shaking off excess, then dip into egg, then coat with breadcrumb. Meanwhile, heat the oil in a large skillet. Put the fishes into the oil and fry until golden brown on both sides. You can serve your fish with potato salad. Enjoy!​