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Let's Try: New Yeni Rakı Cocktails

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​​​​​​If we ask you what about ''Yeni Rakı and cocktail?'', how would you answer? We are aware that some of you would say ''Yeni Rakı has its own rituals and cocktail with Yeni Rakı is not possible'' while others would say ''why not?'' Yes, we love rakı most simple too, just with white cheese, melon, music, and old friends. However, Yeni Rakı is so passionate to update itself and catch up with the times. Otherwise, it cannot understand you well as the time requires. Now, get your courage and forget what you learn till that time. While you say ''but how?'', Gokhan Kusoglu who is our one of the most talented bartender and fourth in the World Class Bartender of The Year makes already three Yeni Rakı cocktails for you! You can find details of Yeni Rakı cocktails for either you can easily prepare at home for your friends or for just yourself. It is not so hard to see Rakıpresso accompany with you while you are chatting with your friends and it is a dream to think that you are taking photos with Lion's Kiss and Lion's Garden for your Instagram feed. Wish you drinking Yeni Rakı without any prejudice and strict rules… Cheers! RAKIPRESSOWhat happens when two of the most popular drinks in the world come together? One of them, Yeni Rakı achieves to go beyond the times with its own culture while the other, espresso is keeping popularity all the times. As in our dreams, you enjoy your sincere conversations with your friends while you are getting a sip from your Rakıpresso. To see how Gokhan prepares the cocktail step by step watch here;  ​


- 35 ml Yeni Rakı 

- 25 ml Espresso 

- Mastika 

- Soda Water 

- Ice​


Basically, this is a very classical twist of espresso martini with the rakı and aniseed kick. First things first, we are going to pour 35 ml of Yeni Rakı to our cocktail shaker and then we will pour beautiful fresh espresso. 25 ml of that will be enough for our cocktail. So this is a great Aegean kick with mastika. We use dry mastika for this one. Now the best part, adding the ice.​​​

 LION'S KISSIf you prefer sweet cocktails, Lion's Kiss is just for you while its colour is just for your Instagram thanks to its component, Bay Leaf Syrup! When you want to surprise your friends with a drink in which Yeni Rakı's colour is turning pink, you can reach to how Gokhan makes a Lion's Kiss here; 

 INGREDIENTS:- 35 ml Yeni Rakı- 15 ml Bay Leaf Syrup (blue butterfly pea tea infused)- 15 ml Lime Juice- 5 ml Oleo Saccharum- Ice METHOD:First, we get our shaker and pour our beautiful Yeni Rakı. I am using 35 ml of Yeni Rakı to combine with the bay leaf and the Oleo Saccharum. And then I will put this beautiful Blue Butterfly Pea Tea infused bay leaf syrup. So I will pour like 20 ml of this. And last but not least I am going to use this Oleo Saccharum. And it will give sweetness to my cocktail. We add some lime juice to get this beautiful colour. LION'S GARDENAs you know, greens are very important on Yeni Rakı tables. This time, with Gokhan's special mixture you can reach the taste of Yeni Rakı tables which are getting green and green. To see how to make a Lion's Garden, click here; ​

INGREDIENTS:- 2 leaves of rocket- 2 pieces of dill- 2 slices of Çengelköy cucumber- 10 ml fresh lime juice- 15 ml of ginger and honey syrup- 35 ml Yeni Rakı- Ice METHOD:The first one combines greens and lime, perfect for green lovers. Rocket, dill and also cucumber add freshness to the cocktail. Lime juice gives the acidity to the cocktail. For the sweet notes, you can use homemade ginger and honey syrup. Lastly, of course, the main ingredient: 35 ml Yeni Rakı. If you are into sour and sweet cocktails, you are going to love ''Lion's Garden''.

This time without asking ''with ice or not?'', Rakıspresso, Lion's Kiss, and Lion's Garden are just ready to serve. Share, savour and enjoy! ​​​